Celebrate the Holidays with Aging Parents

Always Best Care Senior Services Plymouth Meeting PAGoing Home for the Holidays to Celebrate with Aging Parents

The holiday season is upon us, and it’s traditionally a time for travel, celebration, and family. It can be exciting for seniors to spend time with family members they may not have the opportunity to see very often. Going home for the holidays is also an opportunity to check in on your aging parent and ensure that they’re doing well and have the support they need.

Here are a few ways to make the most of your trip back home:

Keep your loved one involved. Whether your aging parent has some mobility issues or is dealing with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, it is still nice to feel a part of things. Modify your planned activities so that they can partake as well, whether you’re cooking, baking, decorating, or going on an outing.

Create healthy meals. Take into consideration any special dietary considerations, such as low sodium, low sugar or soft foods. Plan a meal that is full of flavor, provides balanced nutrition, and doesn’t exclude your senior from enjoying the same delicious offerings as other guests. Pack up healthy leftovers in freezer containers for them to enjoy after the family goes back home.

Carry out family traditions or start new ones. Is there one aspect of the holidays that your loved one has always enjoyed such as going around the table giving thanks or making a special dessert? Keep the tradition going to give them a continued sense of routine and stability. Or, if the holidays are more difficult after a family member’s passing, start a new tradition to honor them and initiate a positive distraction.

Observe your senior at home. Evaluate how well they are able to navigate around their home and care for themselves. Are they showing signs of depression or forgetfulness? Are they having trouble keeping up with housekeeping or mail? You may start considering in-home care so that they can continue age in-place safely and comfortably.  Caregivers provide various opportunities to meet your loved one’s needs, whether it’s a few hours a week or a couple of hours a day.

Be in the present. Most importantly, relish the time you are able to spend together. Put aside work and other distractions and focus on spending quality time with your aging parent. Reminisce about the past, watch a favorite movie together, share delicious treats, and appreciate how much they mean to you. Make it a point to coordinate regular phone calls or visits to keep in touch and see how they are doing, especially if you don’t live nearby.

Celebrate all that the holidays have to offer and time spent with family and friends. If you are concerned about your loved one’s well-being and their ability to meet all of their needs living alone, contact Always Best Care Senior Services to find out how we can help. Call (267) 217-7059 to learn more about the benefits of in-home care and how to customize services aligning with your loved one’s individual needs. Give yourself peace of mind this holiday season by knowing they have the support they need when you’re unable to be there.


Seniors and the Holidays-5 Timely Tips

Seniors and the Holidays – Five Timely TipsThe holidays are a time of celebration, family bonding, friendship and gratitude for the joys that life brings. Unfortunately, the holiday season is also a highly stressful time, particularly for seniors. Depression tends to rear its ugly head during this time of  year, and the chaotic excitement of the season can also lead to confusion among older adults, not to mention the pressures involved in staying socially active and festive when it’s no longer an easy thing to do.

If you are in the care of a senior and you want to make sure they enjoy the positive aspects of the holidays – while avoiding the negative ones – we’ve got five great tips for you. Read on!

  • Preliminary Planning

It’s important to be able to anticipate how your senior will handle the various activities they participate in during the holidays. Are they sensitive to loud noises and chaotic environments? Make sure quiet places are available. Do they tire easily? Plan family visits and other encounters so that your senior can experience full enjoyment without getting fatigued.

  • Remember the Joys of Holidays Past

Sometimes its difficult for seniors to get into the holiday spirit with all of the hustle and bustle that surrounds them. One of the best ways to connect is to encourage them to share memories of past holiday seasons. Remembering family, friends and important events is a terrific way to tap into the delights that the holidays can bring.

  • Safe Environments

Is everybody gathering at Mom’s place this year? Will there be more people than usual at Dad’s during the holidays? While it’s important to make room for everyone, too much rearranging of furniture and other objects in the home can cause confusion and lead to accidents. A safe, familiar environment is the best context for seniors to enjoy the holidays, so remember to keep their comfort paramount in your mind when it comes to preparing the home for visitors.

  • Creating Brand New Memories

Seniors and the Holidays – Five Timely TipsStrolling down memory lane can be a great way to get your senior into the holiday spirit, but you should spend time in the moment creating new memories and engaging in new traditions. Doing this keeps the older individual in your care connected to the family and engaged in the evolution of the holiday celebration. Try to strike a balance between the comfort of familiar activities and the excitement of trying something new.

  • Stay on Schedule with Medications

Our schedules and routines are often thrown off course during the holiday season, and this can have a harmful effect on seniors, especially if they must take certain medications on a regular basis. As a caregiver, it’s up to you to make sure your senior experiences the novelty of the season while maintaining consistency with the administration of meds.

Looking to Learn More?

At Always Best Care, we’re all about making sure seniors live their best possible lives, and we can offer assistance when it comes to ensuring a wonderful time during the holidays. If you’re interested in learning more, give us a call today at 267 217-7059 for your free consultation. We can’t wait to hear from you!

by Mike Lumbrazo