How to Volunteer This Holiday Season


abc volunteer holidays.pngThe holidays are the perfect time to give back and help others. They’re a time to celebrate with friends and family. There are hundreds of organizations supporting those in during the holidays and throughout the year.  The holidays can be a wonderful time for seniors to get involved and share their

passion and talents with others through volunteering with these organizations.

Volunteering gives seniors a greater sense of purpose and bring more meaning to their days.  Knowing that they are helping others and making a difference can be very motivating and rewarding. It’s easy to find an opportunity or organization that fits with their interests, abilities, and schedule.

Here are just a few ways to get involved:

Soup Kitchens or Shelters: Serving meals during the holidays requires a lot of support. People are needed to prepare and serve food, greet families, set and clear tables, provide entertainment, put together to-go boxes, and much more. Seniors may also be able to help deliver meals to residents who are homebound. Also, shelters for homeless families such as Interfaith Housing Alliance in Ambler, PA may need clothing/food/furniture donations and drivers.

Food Banks: Help sort donations and put together holiday meal boxes or baskets for community members in need.  Volunteer locally at Mattie Dixon Food Pantry in Ambler, PA.

Make Something: Seniors can put their sewing, knitting, or crocheting skills to use to create hats, scarves, blankets, and other items that will be distributed throughout the community. They can take pride in knowing that they’re helping to keep someone warm.  Project Linus is a local organization for donated hand-made blankets.

Write Cards: They can decorate cards and write inspirational messages to others.  Cards may be sent to deployed troops who cannot be home with their families over the holidays through a cause such as Operation Gratitude. It lets the troops know that they are remembered and what they do is appreciated.

Visit Others: Seniors can also volunteer to spend time visiting other seniors who may be in assisted living or nursing homes. Having visitors can bring a smile to their face by providing companionship and an opportunity to play a game of cards or share memories.

There are so many different ways that seniors can help out. If they’re unsure about what to do, they can talk to friends and family and ask about ideas. Perhaps they could get a group together to volunteer. Others may also be able to direct them toward different opportunities or organizations looking for help. Volunteering is a great way to not only lift others’ spirits and lend a helping hand, but also to boost seniors’ own mood and give back.

Spending time out in the community also helps to ward off isolation and boredom, meet new people, stay active, and keep their mind sharp. Seniors can fill their time in constructive ways and know that they are part of something bigger than themselves. Volunteering can start a new tradition and give them something to look forward to, especially during times when family is not nearby.

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