How To Find A Senior Caregiver Who Truly Cares

As your loved one ages, you want to give them the best care possible. However, sometimes balancing their needs and your own family’s needs can become too much. You don’t have enough time in the day to fit everything in. Hiring an in-home caregiver can give you peace of mind that someone is there assisting your senior and looking out for their well-being. But how do you know whether someone is the right fit for the job?

Here are suggested Questions to ask and consider when Choosing an In-Home Caregiver:

Ask about their experience. What types of services have they provided for other seniors? Do they have experience working with someone who has dementia or Alzheimer’s disease? It can give you more confidence to know that they’re skilled in working with individuals who have had similar needs as your aging parent. You can also learn more about the breadth of their experience and how long they’ve been a caregiver.  An ideal question would be, “What does a typical day look like when you are working as a Caregiver?”

Inquire about training. Do they hold certifications in CPR, first aid, or senior care related topics? Their commitment to professional development can demonstrate their commitment and compassion for their job. If they didn’t care, why would they take the time to further their knowledge and training? You want a caregiver who is on top of best practices and doing what is in the best interest of your senior.

Question why they want the job. This may seem upfront, but it’s important. Their response can give you insight into how they feel about working with seniors and how seriously they take their role. They should be able to give you a solid reason for why they choose to be a caregiver and think they would be a good fit with your loved one. You could also ask about what they’re most proud of or their most memorable moment in caring for seniors.

Give sample scenarios. Ask how they would respond given certain scenarios. This can tell you more about their ability to think on their feet and prioritize responsibilities. You know your loved one better than anyone, so consider areas of concern that you have and see how they plan to address these concerns.  For example, you may ask how they help seniors manage their medication or how often they go outside with a senior client.

Giving Senior Care Services a Try

Once you have a settled on a caregiver, give their senior care services a try for a few weeks. Remember that it will take time for your loved one to adapt to having someone assisting with their care, and it will take the caregiver some time to adjust to your loved one’s preferences and needs. Stay in contact with both your aging parent and the caregiver to see how things are going. This will allow you to hear both sides of the story and get a feel for whether the pairing is working out. If it doesn’t seem to be a good match, see about switching to another caregiver. If things are working well, you can adjust the level of care to make sure it suits your loved one’s needs.

Follow your instincts and take your time in choosing a senior caregiver who is passionate about their job and providing exceptional care for your aging parent. When you can’t be there all the time, you want to have confidence in someone who can.

Learn more about Always Best Care’s compassionate and qualified staff and our process for matching your loved one with someone who is a good fit. Call us today at (267) 217-7059 to set up a free consultation and get your aging relative the quality care they deserve to safely age in place.


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