Why You Should Hire Only A Licensed Senior Service Company

iStock12182364XSmallFranchiseeandseniorcoupleWhen you can’t be there to care for your senior and provide the level of support they need, you want to make sure that they are receiving high quality in-home care.
More and more older adults prefer to live independent, non-institutionalized lives, and in-home care is a safe, effective way to provide care in the comfort of one’s own home.

You want someone who has their best interests in mind and is trained to meet their individual needs. There are many people who may offer their services to help seniors, but when choosing a senior service company, you want to ensure that the organization is fully licensed. This not only protects you and your loved one, but it protects the company too.

Hiring a licensed provider gives you reassurance about several things:

  1. The in-home care organization meets state standards.

In order to become a licensed senior care provider, the organization must be compliant with state standards. They must pass inspections and reviews that ensure they are following the rules. You can ask to see the results of these reports so you know for yourself how the organization is performing. You’ll be able to see how they were rated and if they’ve had any violations.  These inspections and reviews are intense and will give you the peace of mind you need to use the organization.

  1. Caregivers have been trained.

As part of a licensed organization, employees must undergo training and meet certain requirements. They are prepared to assist your loved one on a variety of levels, from compassionate companionship for those with dementia or Alzheimer’s to helping them with strategies to maintain their independence and provide the right level of support necessary. Extra attention and tender compassionate care is a must.  They are CPR-certified and undergo background and reference checks to verify their employment eligibility, training, and character.

  1. Caregivers are bonded and insured.

If the caregiver should become injured or an accident should occur, the fact that they are employed by a licensed organization may protect you and your senior. Between worker’s compensation, liability insurance, and other coverage, they have protections put in place. A non-licensed senior care provider may not have the proper coverage and you could be held liable for anything that occurs while they are in your senior’s home.

  1. The organization is regularly reviewed.

Because the senior services company is licensed and registered with the state, they are subject to regular evaluations. You can rest assured that they are being checked up on and maintain compliance. Some organizations may be accredited which means they have to uphold even higher standards and go through an even more rigorous review process. If the company is not licensed, the oversight by the state may not be as high and important issues may be overlooked.

  1. Your senior may qualify for financial assistance for in-home care.

By hiring a licensed senior services company, your senior may be able to receive financial assistance through Medicare, Medicaid, or other state or federal health benefits programs. These benefits may not apply to them if you go with an unlicensed provider. The home health agency may also have an established network of connections that can support your senior in other ways. If you are looking for additional services not provided by the home care company, they can provide referrals to other trusted organizations.  Free assisted living placement is just one of many additional services offered by home care businesses.

If your senior’s health, safety, and wellbeing are at the top of your priority list, partner with a licensed senior service company like Always Best Care that puts these things at the top of their priority list as well. Rest assured that your senior is in good hands and their caregiver is well trained. Call David Baim and his staff at Always Best Care today (267) 217-7059 to learn more about what sets our in-home senior care apart from the rest and why you should hire a licensed provider.




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