Boosting Senior Health Through Companionship Services

Untitled design(43)Isolation and depression are growing concerns when it comes to seniors. As people age, they may become less mobile and engaged in the community around them and lose touch with friends. If they no longer drive or they have trouble getting around, they’re less likely to be spending time with friends and family or going to events. A small study conducted in 2009 found that heart disease, anxiety, and depression were more likely in participants with fewer social ties. Loneliness could also increase risk of accidents, suicide, and death from heart disease.

Companionship services can offer seniors these much needed connections that help them to feel more involved and cared about. They are able to form a bond with an in home caregiver because there is regular contact and a friendship naturally evolves. Knowing that someone will be there a few hours a day or week can be comforting and give seniors something to look forward to. Having regular companionship brings with it many benefits for seniors.

Decreased Isolation

A care giver can help your loved one to plan activities, trips, and outings in the community, as well as arrange transportation. They can accompany seniors to lunch, religious services, meetings, movies, or plays so that they are not alone and can continue to do things they enjoy. They can also provide in home care and help with activities around the home to reduce boredom and enhance motivation.

Increased Mental Stimulation


Source: Boston Globe

Some studies show that staying mentally active can ward off memory loss and dementia. An in home caregiver can play games such as scrabble or bridge, put together puzzles, or help with crossword or Sudoku puzzles. These are things that can challenge seniors’ minds and keep them using different parts of their brain for problem solving, creative thinking, planning, and organization.

Adult coloring books are also the latest craze, adding to the mix of activities.

Friendly Conversation

Seniors have a lot of stories and memories to share, and living alone, they may not have anyone to tell them to. With a companion, they’ll have someone to listen, ask questions, and show interest in their past and the things they enjoy. There’s someone there who wants to hear about their granddaughter’s birthday party, or how they spent the summers as a child.

Increased Physical Activity

Walking alone isn’t as fun as walking with a friend. An in home caregiver can encourage your loved one to be more active and ensure they’re doing so safely. If your senior has some memory troubles, a care giver can help them to get out and about without fear of becoming lost or disoriented. They can also keep your senior more physically active in their home through daily activities such as helping them to clean or organize.  Purchase a FitBit activity tracker to challenge seniors to increase their steps on a daily or weekly basis.

Improved Peace of Mind

For families, companionship services can provide a greater sense of peace and confidence because you know that there is someone watching out for your loved one when you can’t be there. Keeping in regular contact with the home health aide can alert you to any potential concerns and update you on how your senior is doing. You know that they’re not spending long periods of time alone, and someone is there to assist with daily activities and provide meaningful conversation and companionship.

Getting your senior a pet can also be another option to provide additional companionship. Dogs and cats are great listeners (and snugglers!) and can give your loved one a greater sense of responsibility and purpose. Pets can be helpful for providing structure to the day, encouraging exercise, and boosting mood.

Always Best Care, Plymouth Meeting, PA has a therapy dog named Clyde who enjoys visiting clients and seniors.  Schedule a visit with Clyde to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Finding Companionship Services for Seniors

Are you interesting in arranging companionship services for your senior to enhance their physical and mental wellbeing and provide them with necessary support to age in place? Always Best Care is here to help! Contact us today at (267) 217-7059 to learn more about available services and receive a FREE consultation.

Always Best Care Senior Services provides Senior Care in Montgomery County, PA, including Blue Bell, Spring House, Montgomeryville, Lansdale, Gwynedd Valley, Audubon, East Norriton, Norristown, Plymouth Meeting, Bridgeport, Ambler, North Wales and other communities in Southeast Montgomery County.

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