Healthy Nutritional Options For Seniors!

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Hello Everyone! In this article we’re going to go over a few helpful ways to simply encourage your senior to eat healthier! Eating healthy isn’t always easy. It becomes even harder for our seniors. Many seniors want to eat what’s convenient instead of what’s nutritious. Fast food and frozen meals often become a seniors primary source of nutrition.

The first thing you need to observe, is your seniors physical ability. We all know that an apple is healthier than a cheeseburger. But, can your senior chew the apple? If they can’t chew the apple do they have the time and ability to peel and slice it? Maybe your senior would rather eat the cheeseburger because it fills them up. Perhaps, the cheeseburger is just a generally more convenient option. In this article we are going to learn healthy and affordable ways to promote better nutrition for your seniors.

As hard as it is for us to stay healthy, seniors face much bigger obstacles everyday:

• Convenience- Driving to the store, cooking a meal, (all require time and energy)

• Price- Some seniors have a hard time paying for their groceries , (on a fixed income)

• Physical inability- Arthritis, pain, and weakness can cause some seniors to eat poorly because of pain or inability  

• Habit- Some seniors eat poorly out of habit (like some of us)!

• Taste- Sometimes seniors just want what tastes good (also like some of us)

A proper diet is vital for living a healthy, happy life. Our diet can affect our moods, our ability to fight infection, our bone density, our digestive system, and affect our cardiovascular health. Eating a cheeseburger once in a while is not a terrible thing, but some seniors will form a routine of eating what they have available.


Convenience is a problem for everyone. However, seniors have more limitations than most of us. Here are a few tips we can suggest:

• Make sure your senior has access to nutritious, easy to chew options.

• Soft fruits like bananas, strawberries, and grapes are wonderful ways to promote regularity and are easy to access.

• Frozen vegetables are an inexpensive way to keep your senior well rounded. Once they are steamed they are softer and easier to digest with more nutritional value than canned vegetables

• Promote healthy snack time. Snacks are important, but try and limit the sugar. No sugar added jello, low fat yogurt, sugar free pudding, and fig bars are all great ways to indulge without the sugar.

• If you do the cooking for your senior, cook enough to freeze, or refrigerate so they can use on a night they might not feel up to cooking.

• A nutritional drink may also be added as a supplement to seniors suspected of skipping meals

• Low-sodium lunch meat is also a better option than traditional lunch meat

• Low-sodium frozen meals are also a better option than traditional frozen meals

• Low-sodium soup is also good to keep handy

• Purchase store brand instead of name brand

These are just a few ways to help your senior chose healthier and affordable options. If your seniors are having trouble affording their groceries or prescriptions, we can help. We are dedicated to helping our seniors stay independent and healthy. We are involved with local food banks and meals on wheels to aide in senior financial support. Also, we can assist in discounted prescription drug costs.

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