Preventing your Senior from falling at home

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As we go through life, our bodies age. Our bones become more dense and fragile. A simple bump on the coffee table would normally result in a bruise, but after age sixty five, a simple bruise can lead to a blood clot or a nasty broken bone. Emergency room visits and trips to physical rehabilitation centers, due to falls, are increasing in the senior population. That coffee table that used to cause an unsightly bruise can now become a life threatening situation.

There are ways to prevent such problems and falls. Your loved ones can have peace of mind in their own home. And you can feel confident knowing that you can do something to prevent such a devastating accident. Let’s start from the ground and work our way up:

  • Does your loved ones home have area rugs and/or other obstacles in their primary pathways?
  • Is your loved one wearing slippers or socks to navigate their home?
  • Does your loved one forget to use their cane, walker, or wheelchair at appropriate times
  • Are your loved ones taking their medication properly and on time?
  • Has it been longer than 1 year since your loved one has had their eyes checked?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, your loved one could be at risk of falling in their own home! There are a few suggestions to help you prevent an unnecessary accident. Always Best Care Senior Services can offer free in-home safety evaluations when you call for a consultation. Below are some helpful tips you can do now to safeguard yourself and your loved ones against falls.

  • Remove area rugs and obstacles from their general pathways
  •  Introduce non-slip socks or slippers to navigate their home.
  • To help them remember their assistive devices, try tying on a colorful ribbon or placing them in doorways that you loved one must enter or exit.
  • Use a medication planner to help your loved one remember the exact time they are supposed to take the proper medication.
  •  Help your loved one get their vision checked annually just in case they have any changes that could hinder their ability to remain safe

.Always Best Care Senior Services of Southeast Montgomery County


For an in-home safety consultation please call David Baim at (267) 217-7059!

Visit our website for more information.



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